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Red Flags for Learning Disabilities

The following characteristics are red flags for Learning Disabilities. If your child demonstrates any of the following behaviors consistently, consider evaluation.


  • Problems pronoucing words
  • Difficulty rhyming words
  • Difficulty learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors

Kindergarten to 4th grade

  • Difficulty connecting letters with sounds
  • Confusing basic words
  • Making consistent reading and spelling errors
  • Having trouble remembering facts

5th to 8th grade

  • Difficulty understanding/comprehending what he/she has read
  • Difficulty following oral instructions
  • Difficulty understanding spelling strategies

High School and Young Adults

  • Spelling the same word differently in two documents
  • Difficulty answering open-ended questions
  • Difficulty understanding abstract concepts
  • Misreading information
  • Difficulty focusing on details

For a complete list of specific learning disability early warning signs, click here to be directed to the Learning Disabilities Association of America.