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A psychological/developmental evaluation can include a variety of procedures, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Developmental Interview
  • Behavior Checklists (completed by parents, teachers and/or caregivers)
  • Intellectual Assessment, Academic/Pre-Readiness Skills Assessment
  • Play-Based Assessment
  • Language/Communication Evaluation 
Psychological/Developmental Evaluations

Are you worried if your child will be able to succeed in school? Or you wonder if his/her trouble at school is due to ADHD or a learning disability? Do  you worry whether or not your child has the social skills needed to have lasting, meaningful friendships or succeed in a work environment? If so, a psychological/developmental evaluation may provide answers. 


What is a psychological evaluation?

A psychological/developmental evaluation is a thorough assessment, individualized to your child's age and your concerns, of his/her strengths and weaknesses. It is more than just a one hour interview, it is a way to objectively compare your child's behaviors and skills with other children his/her age. The purpose of these evaluations is to determine areas for intervention and to assess whether or not your child demonstrates an emotional or behavioral disorder. In addition, these evaluations attempt to pinpoint the origin of your child's behavior as one behavior (e.g., inattention) can have more than one underlying cause (e.g., a learning disability, ADHD, anxiety). Interventions are tailored to the cause of the behavior, then, so that true growth and change can occur. Inadequate or incorrect interventions simply delay progress and frustrate both your child and you.