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Why Seek an IEE?

If your child is struggling in school, either academically, socially or behaviorally, the school may recommend evaluation to determine if he/she qualifies for special education services. As a parent, you also have the right to request evaluation to determine if your child requires specialized intervention to be successful at school. Presently, the school district is allowed 45 school days to complete the evaluation. A school-based evaluation, if conducted properly, should address the following areas of functioning: health, vision and hearing, and motor abilities; language and communicative status; sociological and emotional status; academic performance; and general intelligence. Ultimately, the main purpose of the evaluation is to identify whether or not your son/daughter qualifies for special education services and, if so, to make appropriate recommendations for accommodations, modifications, or interventions.


In some cases, you may disagree with the school's finding. Possible reasons for disagreement could include: you believe the results are inaccurate; you believe the school evaluator has inadequate training and/or expertise to conduct the evaluation; you disagree with the eligibility recommended; or you disagree with recommended placement, services, and/or accommodations. In addition, at times, the school district may not recommend services due to no educational need, viewing educational need as simply poor grades. In reality, though, educational need encompasses social and behavioral as well as academic needs. By law, you may request  an IEE in any area evalauted by the school district which you feel impacts your child's education.

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