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Can I Request Dr. Laura to complete an IEE?

Yes. As a parent, you may select an evaluator provided by the school district or you may request another provider. However, if you request an evaluator not listed by the district, you should inquire what the school district's educational and licensure requirements are for the evaluator as well as the pricing guidelines of the district. As an LSSP and clinical psychologist, Dr. Laura completes independent educational evaluations in Katy and The Woodlands. If you are interested in pursuing or finding out more about an IEE, please contact Dr. Laura at (281) 624-6483.

How to Request an IEE

If you disagree with the school district's evalaution of your child, you may request an IEE to obtain a second opinion that must be considered by the school district. Although the school district is not required to agree with the recommendations or findings documented in the IEE, they must consider the evaluation when determining special education eligibility, placement and accommodations.


In order to obtain an IEE, you should request the appropriate paperwork from the school district or write a letter to the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committe or school administrator stating that you disagree with the school district's evaluation and are requesting an IEE. After recieving your request, the school district will determine if they agree to the IEE request or they may opt to file for mediation or due process, procedures intended to resolve disagreements between parents and school districts. If they agree to the IEE, the school district is required to provide a list of acceptable evaluators.