Clinical Psychologist

Educational Support

$220.00/75 minutes (1st session), $150.00/hour (additional)

Educational support consultation will be billed at an hourly rate following an initial 75 minute session.

Psychological/Educational/IEE Testing, Interpretation, Writing


As psychological/developmental evaluation varies depending on your concerns, your child's age and on the tests recommended, testing is billed in hourly increments. In general, testing time ranges between two and three hours with test interpretation and report writing ranging between three and four hours.


To provide your family the best possible care and allow you maximum control over your records and privacy, Dr. Laura does not participate in insurance plans. As such, although her fees are highly competitive with other professionals in the area, she is considered an "out-of-network" provider. Following completion of work, Dr. Laura will provide you a detailed, itemized statement (with appropriate billing codes), which you can provide to your insurance company for reimbursement. Consult your insurance company to determine if psychological/psychoeducational evaluation is covered.


Initial Consultation/Clinical Interview/Review Session

$220.00/75 minutes

The Initial Consultation/Clinical Interview is designed to familiarize Dr. Laura with your concerns and to obtain pertinent family, medical, developmental, social and academic information. In addition, if you choose to pursue evaluation, an evaluation plan and cost estimate with be provided. During the review session, test results and recommendations  will be discussed.

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