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Can I Request Dr. Laura to complete an IEE?

Yes. As a parent, you may select an evaluator provided by the school district or you may request another provider. However, if you request an evaluator not listed by the district, you should inquire what the school district's educational and licensure requirements are for the evaluator as well as the pricing guidelines of the district. Dr. Laura completes autism/ADHD/learning disability evaluations in Katy and The Woodlands. If you are interested in pursuing or finding out more about an IEE, please contact Dr. Laura at (281) 624-6483.

Can Any Professional Complete an IEE?

No. The school district has the right to request that an IEE evaluator have the same qualifications as school district personnel. As such, simply having an M.D. or Ph.D. does not qualify an evaluator to conduct an IEE. For psychological evaluations, then, most school districts require the evaluator to be a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, as LSSPs are trained to specifically evaluate for special education eligibility. A psychological diagnosis does not always constitute eligibility for special education services and an LSSP is trained to consider both diagnosis and eligibilty.

Dr. Laura is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in evaluating children for special education services and given her years of experience in local school districts, is knowlegable about the variety of accommodations available to students who qualify for special education services. She truly believes that educational need encompasses more than poor grades and has advocated for children who need support to improve socially and behaviorally.